Guiffy 8.6

Graphical editor for comparing and fusing files


  • Compares and contrasts code very easily
  • Slick and simple interface


  • Does not work for all languages


If you're a developer needing to contrast and compare different releases of code then you'll know what a headache it can be.

Guiffy allows you to make comparisons, edit and merge code so so that you can reduce confusion between duplicate versions of code and more easily detect and trace errors in beta versions of software. Guiffy supports UNICODE, MBCS and nearly 150 different character encoding formats.

It combines three different algorithms to provide a thorough and efficient scan of code and it's one of the best tools around for comparing and merging versions. Guiffy features a 3-way merge tool, called SureMerge which allows you to view coding errors and differences more easily than many other editors. It's extremely easy to set up and use and most developers (but not novices) will have few problems getting to grips with it.

Guiffy provides a complete compare and contrast solution for developers needing to improve their code.



Guiffy 8.6

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